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Index: Learning (17)

Index: Life (19)

Index: Productivity (14)

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Index: Writing (39)

About Me


The challenge starts today.

Image Source: Austin Kelon


Including the Bosphorus dinner cruise.

Hagia Sophia — Image by the author

Photo by Rhiannon Black on Unsplash

100 articles in 100 days

Photo by Jennifer Capel on Unsplash

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Not 1000, as everyone told me.

Photo by Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash

Photo by Frame Harirak on Unsplash

Travel. Turkey. Instanbul. West Asia.

Including the most famous, the Blue Mosque.

Image by the author

Neera Mahajan

A Whimsical Writer, Editor-in-chief of Authorpreneur

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