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  • Sandra Wendel

    Sandra Wendel

    A picky nonfiction editor who helps authors write, polish, and publish their books. Author: Cover to Cover: What First-Time Authors Need to Know about Editing.

  • The Atlantic

    The Atlantic

    Syndicated stories from The Atlantic

  • Carmen Ballesteros

    Carmen Ballesteros

    Anthropologist, traveler & entrepreneurship coach. Serial optimist. I write about leadership skills for a successful business & a happy life. We can have it all

  • Fiona Livingston

    Fiona Livingston

    I write about marketing and Millennial life.

  • Nicole Cooper

    Nicole Cooper

    Self-reflections, sports, travel, and social commentary that may come with a splash of contrarianism. Twitter & IG @_nicolecoop

  • Christa Gabriel Rossi

    Christa Gabriel Rossi

    History major · Humanist · Striver

  • Penolopie David

    Penolopie David

    Marketing Product Manager 🚀| Building a second brain using RemNote as a creative professional 🎨

  • May Y. Yang

    May Y. Yang

    Curious learner, English teacher, book author, content writer, copy editor, and assessment developer. Enjoys being home, edtech, index funds, cake, and walking.

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