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Neera Mahajan
2 min readMar 15, 2021

“If you don’t produce, you won’t thrive — no matter how skilled or talented you are.” wrote Cal Newport in his book Deep Work.

Although there is a lot of truth in Newport’s statement, it is also true that focus on productivity is the cause of the new disease of the twentieth century — burnout.

I have started looking at productivity in a different way. Here are some of my articles on productivity. Hope they help.

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How To Thrive Even If You Have Attention Span Of A Goldfish

How Pacing Trumps Every Other Productivity Strategy

How ‘Pottering About’ Has Become My Productivity Strategy

Create Before You Consume

There Will Always Be Too Much To Do

Are You Suffering From ‘No-Time’ Syndrome

Burnout Is A Real Deal, Watch Out For It.

Does Standing Up Improves Creativity And Productivity

Why Cal Newport Is Right About Productive Meditation

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