What Is Frustrating You Right Now

Removing little frustrations can lead to big gains

Neera Mahajan
3 min readAug 13, 2021


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We all cope with many little frustrations every day.

The fridge needs cleaning. “I will do it when I have a bit of time,” you tell yourself. Days pass by, and you don’t get around to clean the damn thing. But every time you open it, you feel frustrated.

Rosebush needs pruning. It is about time. In 2 – 3 weeks, it will be too late. “I will do them when I have a free hour.” But, of course, you never get the free hour. You keep putting up with its long protruding tentacles every time you walk past it.

Little frustrations like that suck energy and make you feel clogged.

The fact is it takes much less energy and time to remove them than to keep putting up with them. And you feel good at a result. Just as a plunger unclogs your sink, cleaning out little irritations unclogs you.

When our physical surroundings are cluttered, we feel clogged and uncomfortable both in our physical space and consciousness. We feel constantly frustrated. Our energy is blocked. Our creativity is squelched.

Now think about the time when you took the pile of stuff gathered in your garage to the tip. Or when you donated clothes from your closet that you hadn’t worn in years.

How did you feel after you finished those tasks? I’ll bet you felt a rush of adrenaline and a true sense of accomplishment.

You walked away from the job feeling more positive about yourself. You felt as if you had accomplished something big.

Roll up your sleeves and start reducing the physical clutter.

Physical clutter is not the only thing that can clog our system.

Pent-up emotions clog our system too. We don’t realize it, but anger, resentment, and grudges are the constant sources of frustration. We remain emotionally and spiritually clogged when we hang on to negative emotions.

Are you holding any resentment toward anyone right now? If so, your emotional and spiritual system is clogged. You’re devoting energy to that resentment, which “steals” energy you could be applying to more productive things.



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