Why I Write Books: And Why You Should Too

Neera Mahajan
2 min readJun 20, 2024
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Nathan Baschez is a developer of several products, such as Product Hunt, Dash, Wordie Bird, and more recently Lex.

He has also helped develop Substack.

He recently wrote an article where he discussed the concept of “signature moves.”

He defines a signature move as:

“a way of solving problems in specific situations that produce outstanding results.”

Baschez acknowledges that while he may not excel at taking a product from 1 to 100, he is highly skilled at taking it from 0 to 1, which he identifies as his signature move.

Looking ahead, he wants to improve his ability to take a product from 1 to 100 and beyond.

However, before embarking on this new focus, he aims to document the 0 to 1 phase he has mastered, sharing his insights and strategies.

In his article, he elaborates on:

  • how he generates software ideas
  • creates the time and space to build them
  • shapes these ideas into the initial product version
  • and handles designing, coding, positioning, and launching the product.

His article inspired me to reflect on my own signature move.



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